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Fri December 01 2023

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Bill Enright Plant Hire purchases a Cat 311 DRR excavator, its first acquisition from Caterpillar dealer Finning Ireland.

Digger Blogger | 19:30, Tue April 12 2011

Cork based plant hire specialists Bill Enright Plant Hire has taken delivery of a Cat 311 DRR hydraulic excavator, its first investment in Caterpillar equipment since the acquisition of former Irish Caterpillar dealer McCormick MacNaughton by Finning Ireland in 2010.

Bill Enright Plant Hire’s purchase of the Cat 311 DRR has increased its ownership to two hydraulic excavators, adding to a Cat 323 DL, expanding the business and its ability to take on more work and staff.

Talking about what the Cat 311 DRR has done for the business and what it is like to deal with Finning, Director of Bill Enright Plant Hire, Bill Enright said: “I did not hesitate when approaching Finning Ireland about acquiring the Cat 311 DRR having had really positive experiences with Caterpillar equipment in the past and I can safely say that I would never buy anything else.

“The Cat 311 DRR is a great asset and addition to the business, doubling the work capacity, speeding up turnover of jobs and has enabled the company to take on larger contracts.

“Times are tough for everyone at the moment and this just the kind of boost the business needs, potentially increasing revenue and giving us the opportunity to expand the workforce; these are just the kind of opportunities Ireland needs to see more of.

“For a plant hire specialist the varied applications of the equipment are essential due to the nature of the business. On one job you may be shaping someone’s lawn, then your machinery might be involved in

some major earth moving or ground works; you need to be running versatile equipment that can cope with delicate work that relies on machinery’s precision such as tracking, while also giving you strength and power when you need it.

“However, these are not the only reasons to invest in Caterpillar machinery. There are other very important aspects of Caterpillar equipment’s performance and build quality that make a long-term investment worthwhile. 

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“The operators are the most important part of the business and to ensure a good working environment for those who work for Bill Enright Plant Hire, operator comfort and well thought out controls are of the upmost priority. Operators, including myself, spend the majority of their time in the machines when working.

“Making the working environment as accommodating as possible for operators ensures that they carry out the job as best as they possibly can with the maximum level of productivity, and most importantly, the maximum level of safety.

“The safety of the employees and safety record in the workplace is particularly important to the business, making the safety features equipment manufacturers offer one of the key reasons to invest in its machinery.

“Caterpillar’s Roll-over protective cabs plays a big part in why the business has invested in Caterpillar equipment and continues to do so with the acquisition of the Cat 311 DRR. The safety cabs also ensure that those operating the machinery have the best visibility possible which also helps to ensure that it can be operated safely.

“As a business Bill Enright Plant Hire, like any other, tries to limit unnecessary expenditures and in the present financial climate, with rising petrol prices, this is more important than ever. Operating Caterpillar equipment actually helps the business do this through economical use of fuel and is another reason for its loyalty to the brand.

“Hard wearing parts and simplified service and maintenance of the machinery also guarantees that Bill Enright Plant Hire’s expenditure is minimised along with the equipment’s downtime. It maximises profits and allows the business to grow and expand with the ability to expand the hire fleets and employ new operators.

“This new equipment has ensured that Bill Enright Plant Hire will expand, grow and continue to provide an expert service to the County Cork and the rest of Ireland.”


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