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Thu December 07 2023

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Gold Innovation award for Volvo’s On Board Weighing system

Digger Blogger | 15:39, Wed April 18 2012

Volvo Construction Equipments revolutionary on board weighing system, which is designed for its F Series Full Suspension articulated haulers was awarded the gold prize by the jury at the Intermat 2012 Innovation awards.

Speaking about this incredibly useful addition to the full suspension model articulated haulers arsenal, head of Volvo CE technology, Anders Larsson said, “The potential of the on board weighing in unlocking the secret of hauler productivity shouldn’t be underestimated, and I’m gratified that the Innovation Awards judges have recognized its significance,”

“I feel honored to receive this prize,” agrees chief project manager Jennie Carlsson. “We succeeded not just because we had a good idea but because we had a team of dedicated and skilled people working on the project to make it a reality.”

The on board weighing system can offer the machine owner and operator an unprecedented insight into machine productivity. The system monitors the input of weight on the machine from Full Suspension pressure sensors, and relays this information to load software integrated into the machine’s electronics.

Related Information

Fully automatic on board weighing logs all transported loads, and the ensuing data is then shown on the operator’s display. The information can also be accessed remotely, thanks to Volvo’s advanced CareTrack telematics system. This allows complete payload management, giving access to data such as total transported load in tons; tons transported per litre of fuel; and number of cycles.

On board weighing-equipped haulers are fitted with a load indicator light mounted outside the machine and clearly visible to the operator of the wheel loader or excavator that is loading the hauler. A yellow light comes on when at part load, which changes to a green light at nominal load, finally turning red when overloaded. This simple tool helps prevent overloading and the machine wear, tire damage and excess fuel consumption that go with it. The nominal load can be preset to suit material and site requirements.

In my opinion this is an excellent piece of development technology, as we have all witnessed massively overloaded haulers in the field at one time or another. Loading to the correct weight is now clear cut with this new system, ensuring safer operation and longer life for machine components.


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