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Thu December 07 2023

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New generation of Hidromek excavators at Bauma 2013

Digger Blogger | 23:22, Tue April 16 2013

Living in Cambridgeshire, the Hidromek 220LCLR seems worth a mention. The equipment is designed with canal / river drainage, ditch cleaning and slope-finishing, in mind. Lots of this in Cambridgeshire..

The 220LCLR looks nice, big cab door, opens easily with good clearance. Sliding the windscreen towards the roof, allows good all round vision. The rear window can be removed and stored under the seat. The joystick console and seat move independently, enabling full adjustment.

(also has a little "sunroof")

Related Information

On days like today the standard air conditioning would have been nice to test…

Also on display was 200W, 300LC & the 370LCHD


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