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Fri December 01 2023

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New Holland “chillin” in Antarctica..

Digger Blogger | 11:15, Thu March 21 2013

The New Holland backhoe loader is set to work in Antarctica. The Argentine Air Force (FAA) are using them for infrastructure work, reconstructing the foundations of a hangar and to build new helicopter bases in the area. (don’t feel so cold now!)

The backhoe loader has already started working at the new Marambio air base, tasks involve on the removal of the structure that holds the platform of runway slabs in the external part of the hangar at Base Marambio. FAA say the machine was chosen because, to proceed with the works, it was necessary to break the permafrost –a permanently frozen ice layer over Antarctica–, as well as surfaces covered with rocks, rubble and ice. In a clear display of its versatility, the B90B was used to transport the Hércules luggage, to carry the ice used to make water for daily usage, and to clean roads throughout the entire Base Marambio.

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The machine was adapted before the trip. All its fluids were replaced by special synthetic types, and a resistor was placed within the engine block to heat up the coolant before its start. The technical adjustments necessary to enable the machine to work in extreme cold temperature conditions were performed along with Covema, the New Holland dealer that delivered the backhoe loader to the FAA. Besides, Covema trained those in charge of operating the equipment.


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