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Mon March 30 2020

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777 Demolition & Haulage Co Limited

0208 6896861

The face of the demolition industry has changed beyond recognition in the last decade and we have always been at the forefront, driving these changes. As well as keeping ahead of new methods and machinery, constantly-evolving legislation and new codes of practice, we are always aware that the safety of both our operatives and the general public is all important.

Every one of our projects is planned with careful consideration to the both the immediate environment, where we make great efforts to minimise disruption to nearby businesses and neighbourhoods, and the environment in general. We are genuinely proud of the fact that 80-95% of the materials removed from all of our sites are either re-used or recycled keeping the need to use costly and damaging land-fill to an absolute minimum.

As well as our ongoing investment in people, with one of the highest levels of staff training and certification in any industry, our investment in plant and machinery is second to none. Our latest acquisition, a long reach machine with a standing height of 200ft, is the tallest in the world and unique to 777 Demolition

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