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Wed September 19 2018

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Migration report prompts industry outcry

11 hours: A report to government with recommendations for a post-Brexit immigration framework makes extensive exemptions for agriculture but no special treatment for the construction industry.

Former Severfield boss joins Billington board

1 day: Ian Lawson, who stood down from the board of Severfield in January 2018 after nearly a year’s sick leave, has now re-emerged as chairman of rival structural steel group Billington.

Early finish for A14 bridge lifts

2 days: Thanks to months of planning, the installation of two 1,000 tonne bridges over the A14 in Cambridgeshire over the weekend was completed a full 18 hours ahead of schedule.

Two arrested for construction slavery

2 days: Two Indian men have been arrested on suspicion of modern slavery offences following a Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) operation in Coventry.

Wembley Way to get steps

5 days: Wembley Way, the iconic approach to Wembley Stadium familiar to Cup Final spectators over the years, is getting a whole new look.

FPA steps up to test cladding systems

5 days: The Fire Protection Association has opened up its research and experimental test rigs for commercial use due to concerns about lack of market capacity.

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