Mon February 17 2020

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A weekly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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4 | HS2, Leadership & Clocks

12th February 2020
This week Bishop & Taylor discuss the latest green light for HS2, a shocking display of bad leadership and the possible end of spring back / fall forward.


2 | Climate Emergency, Smart Motorways and Chinese Hospitals

29th January 2020
This week Bishop & Taylor discuss construction’s attempts to help save the planet, the idiocy of smart motorways and how quickly Wuhan is building emergency hospitals.


1 | Tall Building Regulations, Late Payment Legislation and Digitally Savvy Contractors

23rd January 2020
Re:Construction is a new podcast, launched this week by The Construction Index, featuring construction journalists David Taylor and Phil Bishop.  In this launch episode they discuss developments in the government’s Building Safety Programme, the latest attempt to legislate against late payments and the digital marketing prowess of the top contractors.  Each week Bishop and Taylor chew the fat for 30 minutes or so, exchanging views about the latest news stories to have caught their eye.