A. N. C. (South Yorkshire) Limited

Sat August 24 2019

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A. N. C. (South Yorkshire) Limited


ANC provides reliable and good value UK, European and global express delivery services.

Whether same day or overnight, premium or economy, ANC provides a comprehensive range of bespoke distribution and logistics solutions to meet your exact business requirements.

Dynamic totally customer focused, choose ANC if you want a company that delivers on its promises, giving you peace of mind.

ANC Logistics, the home of intelligent stock replenishment. If you want your business to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace and you have a complex supply chain to manage, then this is the place to be.

Increased sales, reduced inventory, cost savings and added value management information can all be yours thanks to ANC Logistics' smart thinking, proven expertise and common sense application. And with ANC Logistics (ANCL), you can achieve all this with fewer vehicles on the road, reducing your carbon footprint along with your overheads.

Now part of FedEx, and able to bundle intelligent logistics services with a comprehensive range of equally cost-effective and timely business services, ANC Logistics covers the entire UK domestic market as well as offering global solutions wherever applicable.

ANCL operates equally effectively in any sector characterized by multiple outlet business. It is particularly experienced in:

High Street Retail

Industrial Retail/Wholesale

Information Technology

Automotive Aftermarket

And what, apart from its particularly intelligent approach, makes ANC Logistics such a worthwhile business partner? Superior technology goes without saying; ANCL's real point of difference is its people and its passion. No other company in the industry is more committed or more adept at listening to its customers and working with them to deliver their success.

For more information on our services, please make a selection from the list below or call 01782 562103 or email logistics-solutions@anc.co.uk.

Road haulage contractors.

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Unit 15 Riverside Court
Don Road
South Yorkshire
S9 2TJ

Tel: 01142561056

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