AAC (Road Markings) Limited

Mon October 14 2019

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AAC (Road Markings) Limited

0121 2441121

AAC (Road Markings) Limited was incorporated in October 1994, providing a quality Road Marking service to major Supermarkets, Commerce, Industry, Hospitals, Airports (land side only), Police, Schools, Public Houses, Rail Crossing Sites and County Councils,(see a selection overleaf on this web site).

Though still marking roads to M.O.T. standards, our core business is the marking of car parks, including bays and any type of logo, symbol, numeral and letter, including all DDA works with coloured backgrounds (See our list on this web site) in hot applied thermoplastic material to BS 3262.

We also mark external sports courts: netball, five a side, basketball etc; and external playground markings, again we can customise.

Our company is based in the ‘Heartlands’ of Birmingham, West Midlands, from bought warehouses, offices and yard premises.

Geographically we provide road marking services in the West Midlands, England and Wales.

Selection of Thermoplastic markings available and other types of services provided


50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 600mm: any length: i.e intermittent and continuous:


Directional Arrows: 4met and 6met, ‘ahead, ‘left, ‘right: Bi-furcated (split heads) 8met, 16met and 32met (we can also customise)

Triangles Standard M.O.T. and customised

Numerals Standard M.O.T. i.e. 350mm, 5/600mm. 750mm, 1.6met, 2.8met.4.2met high and customised also.

Letters same sizes as numerals above and customised. Logos Walking man, bicycle signs, disabled signs

Getting in contact with AAC (Road Markings) Limited

Unit 2, Granby Business Park
Granby Avenue
Garretts Green
B33 0TJ

Tel: 0121 2441121

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