Bonsers (Nottingham) Limited

Sat June 06 2020

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Bonsers (Nottingham) Limited

0115 9887520

With the use of chemicals, poltices and hot pressure water we are able to remove paint and graffiti from virtually all surfaces, without leaving traces or residues. We can also remove paint and graffiti from most painted surfaces.

Our technicians use DOFF machines and where possible this allows paint removal with no chemicals. We are committed to protecting the environment and strive to acheive both safe and an environmetally friendly removal.

Typical project that we would undertake include;

� Graffiti removal from public and private building

� Removal of 'TAGS' from public areas

� Paint Removal from Facades and Masonry

� Internal and External works

� Graffiti removal from trains

We also provide sacrifcial and non-sacrifcial anti-graffiti coatings to facades, metal and plastic surfaces.

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Unit 2, Combo Park
Rear of 6 Bulwell Lane

Tel: 0115 9887520

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