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Wed June 03 2020

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Building Investigation & Testing Services

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Some of the services, test facilities and areas of expertise that B.I.T.S. are involved in are shown below:-

* Air Leakage systems - Platform floor plenums, air grille flow, ductwork, air tightness and window infiltration.

* Barriers - Building Regulations Document K for car park vehicle and pedestrian barriers, HMSO publications for crush barriers, handrails and other crowd control elements in stadiums.

* Cladding & Windows - Weather and water tightness, impact resistance, failure investigations.

* Dimensional Testing - Coefficient of thermal linear expansion and dimensional stability.

* Environmental Monitoring and laboratory testing under various conditions.

* Foams - Thermal, Physical Properties, Closed Cell.

* Glass and Glazing Testing to BS6206, BS5544, DIN 52290, Dewpoints, Safety Glass approval.

* High Pressures - Hydraulic, hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing.

* IP Ratings - Dust and Water Penetration.

* Joints - External Sealants, Expansion joints in floors, Pipe connections and fittings.

* K-values - Thermal conductivity of wood to washing powder, clay to concrete and foam to fibres.

* Litigations - Membership of the Academy of Experts. Defect and Failure Investigations.

* Materials Testing - Chipboards, vapour barriers, insulation materials, slates and general building materials.

* New Ideas - Development of test specifications for new and innovative products.

* On-site Testing - BITS has a UK Wide Service

* Pipes and Fittings - Pipes and Fittings and Hydrostatic pressure testing

* Quality Checks - Product evaluation and specification validation

* Raised Access Floors - PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU and BS EN 12825 specified testing. Rolling load facility. Floor mounted Air Terminal Devices to BS EN 13624

* Structural anchors - Tensile and shear to BS5080. Annual assessment of anchor devices for the direct attachment of PPE. Verification to DOT series investigation.

* Trading Standards - Product Testing, Safety assessment of hire equipment. Defect Investigation.

* Underground - Strain gauging of rail track.

* Vehicle Equipment - Car Jacks, Number Plates, Axle Stands.

* W.V.P. Water Vapour permeability. Paints to papers, films and foams.

* Expert Witness - We act as independent expert and attend court as required.

* Zwick machine - Computer controlled 250kN tensile/compression facility for physical testing

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