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Fri July 19 2019

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C&K Extrusions Limited

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We are a UK based Thermoplastic Extrusion company with over 35 years of specialist experience. We manufacture extruded profiles from a wide range of materials which are utilized across a broad spectrum of industries. We have attained an enviable reputation for fast, innovative design solutions and high quality of service from our blue chip customers. Our Products could be classified in three major categories.


Rigid plastics are used to supply the bulk of the products we manufacture for our major clients. With very demanding control of tolerances and wall thickness that vary from 1mm upward products vary from complex window profiles to simply conduit and U channel profiles. Some of our products also utilize materials with very low thermal absorption properties to minimize thermal expansion issues.


Ranging from standard flexible PVC to exotic hot melt adhesives these materials are used in products for the building and construction, electrical, agricultural industries to name only a few. There applications tending to be very specific.


Whether it is just two different colours or two very different materials we have a number of co-extruded products. These can be a co-extruded gaskets used in windows and ancillaries as seals or twin colour earth sleeve for electrical applications.

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