Crocodile Scaffolding (England) Limited

Fri August 23 2019

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Crocodile Scaffolding (England) Limited

01902 826826

Crocodile Scaffolding (England) Limited is a Ralph Martindale Group company. Our scaffold fittings are sold throughout the world under the BURTON and EDGE brands which are recognised as the hallmark for quality and strength.

Our products are forged from the highest quality British steel rolled in our own rolling mill in England.

Crocodile scaffold fittings are quality assured because we control every stage of production from steel billet to finished component.

Components are individually tested to conform to the internationally recognised British Standard BS1139 and manufactured in accordance with Quality System ISO9002. Double Coupler

· Swivel Coupler

· Wrapover Putlog Coupler

· Sleeve Coupler

· Scaffolders Swingover Spanner

· Base Plate

· Little Giant MK I Double Couplers

· Little Giant MK I Swivel Coupler

· Little Giant MK IV Double Coupler

· Little Giant MK IV Swivel Coupler

· Little Giant Putlog Coupler - Double Lug

· Flat Back Coupler

· Little Giant MK III Double Coupler

· Little Giant MK III Swivel Coupler

· Half Swivel Coupler

· Drop Forged Split Joint Pin

· Profiled Coupler

· Side-by-Side Coupler (Without Chair)

· Rafter Coupler

· Dual Clamps

· Beam Clamp

· R.S.J. Coupler

Getting in contact with Crocodile Scaffolding (England) Limited

Crocodile House
Strawberry Lane
West Midlands
WV13 3RS

Tel: 01902 826826

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