Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd

Thu November 14 2019

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Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd

0845 168 5974

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd are a leading manufacturer and supplier of earthing materials and lightning protection products for the UK and international markets.

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet rigorous standards ensuring high levels of safety and protection for buildings, people, livestock, content and sensitive electronic equipment.

We are proud to be a UK owned, family run business, located in the heart of the UK and are pleased to say that we have been supplying excellent service into the industry for the last 15 years.

Since our inception in 1999 we have gone from strength to strength and have developed into one of the industry market leaders, we have done this by focusing on service, quality, price, delivery, commitment and trust.

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd is an ISO 9001 registered company and this is where our commitment to quality begins. We aim to provide the highest standard of products, service and customer care without compromising quality or price. This commitment to quality follows throughout all aspects of the company including manufacture, development, customer support and service.

Here at Kingsmill we do not limit ourselves to just our product catalogue items, we are happy to go that extra mile for our clients, we thrive on solving customer products problems. In our dedicated workshop, using a combination of high tech machinery and skilled staff we have the ability to engineer or modify product items to your exact requirements. From a simple modification to a complete new bespoke item. We are pleased to say that we have been manufacturing excellence since 1999!!!

Product Range:

Earthing, lightning protection, earth rod, copperbond earth rod, solid copper earth rod, stainless steel earth rod, rod coupler, rod driving stud, rod driving head, rod driving spike, rod dowel, soil conditioning agent, bentonite, marconite, concrete inspection pit, plastic inspection pit, inspection pit earth bar, earth rod seal, copper earth plate, lattice copper earth mat, rod to tape clamp, u-bolt type rod to tape clamp, rob to cable clamp, GUV rod to cable clamp, rod to lug cable clamp, b-bond clamp, rwp bond clamp, tower earth clamp, earth point, earth point with tail, earth boss, braid bond, earth bar, earth bar with link, earth bar with twin link, disconnecting link, tinned earth bar, insulator, fasteners, bare copper tape, pvc covered copper tape, lead covered copper tape, tinned copper tape, copper bar, tinned copper bar, flexible braid, bare aluminium, pvc covered aluminium, solid circular copper, solid circular pvc covered, solid circular aluminium, bare stranded cable/wire, pvc covered cable/wire, tape guard, down conductor clips, saddles, non-metallic down conductor clips, slate holdfast, cable clip, tape clip, adhesive tape clip, square clamp, tee clamp, test clamp, plate type test clamp, screw down test clamp, cable test clamp, bi-metallic connector, air terminal, elevation rod, multi-point air terminal, air terminal base, rod bracket, rod coupling, puddle flange, tinned copper lugs, c-crimp, split bolt connector, denso tape, unial paste, silfos, exothermic welding, surge protection, static earthing, early streamer emission device, bus bar, earthing strap, earth bond,

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