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Mon December 09 2019

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Northampton & Midland Plating Co Ltd

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Northampton And Midland Plating Co Ltd, was formed over 66 years ago to offer a comprehensive range of metal finishing services to engineering, automotive and fabricating manufacturers. We are an ISO 9001:2000 Company.

Our main services include the Electroplating Of Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Bright Chromium And Aluminium Anodising. We also offer black chromium for both optical and automotive finishes. Satin Nickel is also available using the latest organic dispersion media, producing an exceptionally smooth and scratch resistant surface finish.

Chrome Plating Decorative (Bright), Chrome Plating Decorative (Satin - Pearl, Bright), Chrome Plating Black, Copper Plating - Barrel & Rack, Nickel Plating - Barrel & Rack, Semi Bright - Bright & Pearl (Duplex Nickel Systems), Zinc Plating - Barrel And Rack, Finishes - Bright - Yellow - Bronze - Olive Drab, other finishes available by request.

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Process control and thickness measurement using the Latest X Ray Fluorescence Techniques are employed to ensure quality and efficient processing of customers parts. Flexibility and awareness of our customers turnaround requirements have allowed the Company to provide an experienced comprehensive service over many years. Equipment and capacities for zinc plating includes vat lengths up to 2 metres for piece parts and our automatic barrel line has metre wide barrels. Post treatments can include clear, yellow, olive drab or bronze passivation and polysilicate sealing.

Copper and nickel plating is offered for both cat and barrel work. Vat lengths up to 2 metres and a 0.5 metre barreling for small components.

Our bright or black chromium service includes the processing of raw components and also the stripping of existing deposits, polishing where appropriate and the reprocessing of various parts including items such as classic car parts. Duplex nickel coatings are available as part of the chromium multi-layer system. We have a facility for sulphuric anodising ( anodizing) and the dying of aluminium. We are currently able to offer coloured anodising in black, blue, red and gold. Lengths of natural anodising can be offered up to 2.5 metres in length.

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