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Sat August 24 2019

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Over the last ten years Associated Recycling Solutions Ltd (RSL) have continuously developed the Asphalt Recycler range and have provided designs for a wide range of customers.

These designs range from the smaller VEB 8000 up to the latest VEB 20000.

The VEB Hot Asphalt Recycler typically works in conjunction with a JCB.

The JCB will skim off the old asphalt layer on a pathway and will load this break out material into the feeder or hopper of the Recycler.

It is at this point that, if required, extra Bitumen, 200 Pen or a small amount of �rejuvenator� may be added to the break out material. The Asphalt Recycler then starts to heat up. Once the Asphalt has reached temperature the Recycled Asphalt is discharged, it is now ready to relay for a pathway or patch on the roadway.

Unlike other Asphalt Recyclers of this type, the VEB 20000 is capable of producing up to 20 tonnes of Asphalt per hour.

Veb Ashphalt Recycler

The Asphalt Recycler is available for purchase or hire.


Hire can be arranged for short or long term with a minimum hire of one week.


The VEB series is available for purchase, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Other Plant

RSL also specialise in the supply, manufacture and maintenance of Hot Asphalt Recyclers, and a full range of mixers and road equipment.


RSL�s after sales service is second to none and we guarantee maximum service.

RSL understand and appreciate the importance of keeping wear and tear to the minimum. All RSL plant are designed to ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum allowing RSL, or your own on-site operators and engineers, to maintain the plant efficiently and effectively.

RSL\'s policy is to always use standard parts wherever possible thus minimising any potential \'down-time\'.

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