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Sun July 21 2024

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RBeam: 5 Benefits That Improve Your Project

19 Jul 23 RBeam, a precast concrete ground beam system designed and manufactured in-house, offers an alternative solution to traditional insitu ground beams and deep trench strip foundations. This technique is designed to improve installation time whilst minimising waste and vastly reducing the carbon footprint compared to trench-fill foundations.

So, why you should use this technique on your project?

RBeam is comprised of Category 3 MMC Pre-manufactured Components

Are you looking to improve the pre-manufactured value (PMV) of your project by increasing your percentage of offsite manufacturing? Then RBeam would be great for your project! This system is designed and manufactured in-house and assembled on-site producing factory-quality foundations from stock. Offsite construction has many benefits including:

Reduced risk of health & safety issues

Offsite construction reduces on-site operations minimising health and safety risks and increasing labour efficiency.

Quality Control

In a controlled manufacturing environment with quality management procedures in place (BS EN ISO 9001, UKCA, and CE), mistakes are eliminated, minimising the challenges that would be faced on site.

Dealing with the details

Individual beams can be installed at different levels, offering flexibility for individual plot layouts and drainage requirements. The system can accommodate party walls, bay windows, steel columns, timber frames, and most modular methods of construction.

Using RBeam reduces on-site material waste, noise, dust, and vehicle movements

Offsite construction doesn’t require as much heavy machinery and uses up much less energy than traditional methods of construction. Switching to offsite construction can cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Transportation to site can be reduced as fewer vehicles are required because the precast beams have already been manufactured offsite to a specific design with a manufacturing process that eliminates waste.

RBeam is offered as a package solution with our various piling techniques. When in association with precast concrete piles, installed using a Quiet Hammer Rig, which is designed to reduce noise emissions. Our rigs are designed and manufactured in-house to specifications based on years of customer feedback.

RBeam is made up of low-carbon precast concrete elements

As part of our environmental initiative, Roger Bullivant has made concrete steps towards a lower carbon future. We are now a manufacturer of low-carbon concrete for all our precast products made up of 50% GGBS and 50% CEM1. Therefore, we qualify for CEMIII A Cement which is recognised globally as a low-carbon concrete.

This foundation system is certified by NHBC Accepts, LABC, and Premier Guarantee System Acceptance.

NHBC Accepts

NHBC Accepts shows that our offsite precast concrete foundation system has been rigorously assessed and that it meets NHBC’s robust standards. It also demonstrates that the system can be used in homes covered by all NHBC warranty products.

LABC & Premier Guarantee System Acceptance

As the designer, manufacturer, and installer of this offsite precast concrete foundation system, this acceptance recognises that RBeam complies with the technical requirements of both Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty.

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