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Sun May 19 2024

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Massam Supplies ltd choose Rototilt

15 Apr Based in Ormskirk, Lancashire, 13 miles North of Liverpool, Massam supplies is a contracting business run by Joe Massam, with a builders and landscaping supplies company run by Joes father who set the company up in 1985. Joe focuses on and specialises in golf course landscaping and agricultural work but occasional takes on site strip and clearance work for large developments.

Joe’s Hitachi ZX130-7 utilises a Rototilt R4, a top-of-the-line tiltrotator attachment that's specifically designed for excavators weighing between 10-16 tonnes. It's built to withstand tough working conditions and can easily handle the significant stresses and harsh environments that come with excavation work. Despite its compact size, the R4 is a heavy-duty attachment that boasts an impressive breakout torque of up to 163 kNm, thanks to its innovative worm gear technology. Additionally, the R4 features a rotation sensor that provides precise positioning, while its smart grease fittings and lower radial bearings in bronze make maintenance a breeze. The R4's oil-filled rotor housing is also cast in a single piece, which ensures minimal wear, maximum lubrication, and a long service life. When combined with Rototilt's QuickChange™ quick coupler system and SecureLock™ safety solution, the R4 is a highly efficient and safe attachment that's ideal for a wide range of excavation applications.

Joe purchased a Rototilt R4 attachment for his Hitachi excavator after researching various tilt rotator manufacturers. He found that Rototilt was the easiest to communicate with and was locally based at a price point he was comfortable with. His experience with Rototilt has been very positive, and he describes them as "absolutely fantastic." He was initially introduced to Rototilt by another golf course landscaping company that used Rototilts on their Komatsu excavators, and they praised the attachment's durability, saying that "they are bomb proof, you can give them plenty of stick." Joe agrees, noting that his Rototilt can take a lot of abuse. With the Rototilt, Joe has been able to significantly increase his productivity in golf course work, and he finds that the attachment is so versatile that it never needs to be taken off. Overall, Joe considers the Rototilt R4 to be an excellent investment that has greatly benefited his business.

The project Joe is currently working on is a large-scale site preparation for agricultural sheds. The area was previously a field which has been stripped while hardcore has been imported and levelled with footings dug. Topsoil has been used to create bunds around the perimeter, and the next phase will involve stoning up to slab height. The sheds will serve a 100-acre lawn turf harvesting area. Joe currently has an arsenal of attachments, including a 3m dipper extension arm, tree shears, forks and flail that enable him to tackle various tasks effectively. Additionally, he often fabricates his equipment to meet specific requirements. Going forward Joe is currently looking to invest in a specialist grading beam from Titus Attachments, which can be used with or without rollers, Overall, with his expertise and equipment, Joe is well-equipped to handle large projects like this and deliver top-notch results. The tagline on the back window of the Hitachi cab says “If in doubt get Massam out.” We don’t doubt Joe could handle any project with his impressive line up of machines, attachments, experience and expertise.

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