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Wed April 24 2024

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Rototilt Rules at Deane Public Works

9 Feb When civil engineering contractor Deane Public Works Ltd first encountered a Rototilt tiltrotator at the Plantworx Exhibition nine years ago, eyebrows were raised when they discovered the cost of the product. It took another four years before they decided to invest in one. Weeks later, they added a second. Just recently, they acquired a third, an RC9, the biggest in Rototilt’s range.

According to the company’s Plant Manager Stephen Deane, these versatile products are among the best investments they have made, with a host of benefits far outweighing the initial cost. “They have more than paid for themselves many times over,” he says.

The RC9 has a powerful worm gear to cope with significant stresses and provide maximum torque, as well as extra hydraulics for a grapple module and other hydraulic tools. It can handle high hydraulic flows with an impressive 500 kNm breakout torque. The newly developed pressure-compensated hydraulics also lets you use the tiltrotator’s functions independently of each other for optimum precision.

In addition, thanks to the RC System proportional control system, you can control all the functions in one and the same excavation movement. You also gain access to Rototilt’s other features such as pulse function and return to home. Both offer improved productivity especially with material and fuel cost.

The Rototilt design incorporates a cast housing which holds the rotation unit. This is an oil-filled rotor housing cast in a single piece resulting in a strong design at minimum weight. All of the Rototilt units have this design. All are oil filled for ease of service and long life

It is that oil-filled cast rotor housing that sets Rototilt tiltrotators apart, making them robust and reliable as well as stronger and lighter. The advantages of oil are numerous, including continuous lubrication, better heat dissipation, a much longer service life, particle removal, all simplifying maintenance and reducing wear on the key components.

Adds Stephen Deane: “We have never had any issues with our Rototilt tiltrotators, and this new model is more than living up to our expectations. It is a perfect fit for our Kobelco SK380, one of three Kobelcos we have in our fleet. Initially, when we first looked at the Rototilts we were quite taken aback by the price, but that has paled into insignificance when considering what we have been able to accomplish. Truth be told, our operators wouldn’t use an excavator without a Rototilt, and they are delighted with the performance of this new RC9.”

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