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Sun May 19 2024

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New Allen ride-on trowels

27 Aug 21 We are able to take pre-orders for The HDX780 and HDX605 Allen Ride-on Power Floats, these two impressive machines which offer many advantages.

New Allen ride-on trowels

Concrete Professionals in the United Kingdom have been well acquainted with the superb performance that Allen Engineering ride-on trowels can offer.

The HDX780 with never-before-seen features like the heads-up display, the newly designed seat frame for better visibility, and the built-in ‘Intelli-Power’ system, the HDX780 riding trowel truly stands alone in the industry. This machine uses these new features to ensure maximum performance from its Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic components but also increases its lifetime. Starting in 2021, the HDX780 will be available in a standard rotation or counter-rotation.

The HDX605 was designed with the high-volume flatwork concrete contractor in mind. This rider is not only fully hydraulic, but it also comes with cruise control, digital readouts for accurate fuel levels and diagnostics, and a large 13-gallon fuel tank for longer run times. It is also equipped with powerful pumps that help maintain excellent torque even at high rotor speeds. This makes the machine excellent for panning, finishing, or polishing operations.

These impressive ride-on power floats were recently on display at The World of Concrete Exhibition in Las Vegas which is an annual event which keeps Allen hungry for creating more innovative engineering outcomes, to be honest most people just turn up to see what shirts they are wearing!! Unfortunately, Speedcrete couldn't attend this year because of the Covid situation but we were very grateful to The Allen Engineering team for sending us one of their Las Vegas shirts and some of there awesome merchandise.

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