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Sat December 07 2019

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Summit Wheels & Tyres Limited

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Summit was founded by Peter Summers who had already spent the majority of his career in the tyre industry and the company was established in Coventry at the heart of the country in 1986 .The business specialised in Industrial tyres and wheels to the fork truck and skid steer replacement and original equipment markets. Operating in a niche market Summit quickly established itself as a leader in its field as being the best option for product and advice in this specialised area. Furthermore Summit ensured that it held stock of those products which other wholesalers and distributors didn’t thus building the reputation that is still enjoyed today. If the tyre or application is unusual the likely hood is that Summit has got it. A national distribution operation was set up with a fast and efficient delivery service using mainly Summit’s own vehicles.

In February 2003 Peter Summers retired and the business was acquired by new owners with the objective of expanding the business further into the off-road applications .Whilst still maintaining strength in industrial solid tyres the future development of the business was to be in the agricultural and construction tyre and wheel markets.

Integral to the success of Summit was the relationships with existing and new suppliers like the Indian TVS Eurogrip brand, the Gumasol solid tyre brand and the Globestar solid tyre from Sri Lanka .Early into 2003 Summit acquired the UK distributorship for GKNFad wheels that are targeted at the off road industrial, agricultural and construction machinery sectors. Wheels and tyres for all Construction Equipment Applications.

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