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Mon December 16 2019

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Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd

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We have over 175 years of expertise and growth in construction services and the manufacture of quality building products. Thomas Armstrong supplies a comprehensive range of Aerated, Lightweight Dense aggregate load bearing concrete blocks from its factories throughout the North of England from Newcastle upon Tyne, Thirsk in North Yorkshire, Silloth in Cumbria, Liverpool and Congleton in Cheshire.

All of our products are made to the current European British Standards to comply with Building Regulations. Our extensive range of top quality products has now been enhanced by the intoduction of our brand new AIRTEC range of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) products.

These products are designed to meet and exceed all current and future regulations and are manufactured using the very latest aircrete production technology, in the most technologically advanced aircrete plant in the UK.

The high specification of the Airtec range and the significant investment in choosing to use the very best materials and technology available demonstrates Thomas Armstrong's ongoing commitment to quality and excellence in its products.

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Limited are a member of the Concrete Block Association (CBA). Dense blocks are manufactured at all six manufacturing units in a full comprehensive range.

Produced to BS EN 771-3 the products are available in STANDARD, PAINT GRADE and FAIR FACED texture for a wide use of building construction above and below d.p.c.

The blocks are readily available in a design of solid, cellular and hollow configurations offering both the architect and engineer a flexible choice of design requirements with a standard face size of 440 x 215mm.

Design thermal conductivity of Dense blocks for the purposes of calculation is 1.13 W/mK (protected).

Lightweight aggregate blocks offer the customer a simple method of both achieving the new thermal regulations and single lift handling requirements.

Blocks are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 771-3 from a mixture of furnace bottom ash and approved lightweight aggregates. The block is fully adaptable for all methods of housing and industrial buildings.

Where strict 20 kilogram single lift requirements are needed a choice of 100mm or 140mm thick block can be used in either STANDARD or FAIR FACED application.

On 6th April 2006 the revised Building Regulations Part L �Conservation of fuel and power� will require higher levels of insulation within the fabric of the building for walls, floors and roofs together with heating controls to attain a measured figure of total heat retention and energy efficiency.

The wall U-Value guidance figure for aiding complience with SAP 2005 is 0.30W/m�K, which can be achieved using a lightweight block and either partial fill of full fill cavity insulation.

Design thermal conductivity of Lightweight blocks for the purposes of calculation is 0.42 W/mK (protected).

Foundation Blocks Widely used by major housebuilders since their introduction ten years ago, these blocks offer an efficient, simple and cost effective method of block construction below d.p.c. saving on labour and mortar.

Foundation blocks can also be manufactured to Class 3 where ground conditions for sulphate resistance is needed.

A flexible product range for use in �T� beam block and beam flooring is manufactured. To comply to sound requirements, large and small in-fill T blocks are available which are designed to fit flush into the profile of the T beam.

Four sizes of slip blocks are produced to offer versatility for design specification.

Concrete block paviors offer an economical and aesthetically pleasing method of enhancing homeowners driveways.

Manufactured at our factories at Consett, Pickhill and Silloth a full range of designs and fittings are available to suit your requirement. A full range of kerb edging and fittings are available to accommodate all design features, steps and curves.

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