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Sun January 19 2020

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Trent Storage & Design Limited

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Trent Design is a company that has some great customers, some great people and some great successes. This is due to the quality of our work and the products we sell.

Trent Design is based in a modern office and warehouse complex situated on a purpose built industrial estate in Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

Our four main product areas are:

Mezzanine Floors


Interiors & Partions

Shop Fitting

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Storage Systems - Pallet Racking

Storage and distribution are a major cost in the supply chain. An efficient warehouse will reduce costs because it is easy to get material in and out of, it provides high quality storage where product damage is low and it makes the best use of available space.

Efficient Warehouses

Since we started we have worked with many national and international companies helping them build efficient warehouses. Utilising only the highest quality pallet racking we have installed wide aisle, narrow aisle and high density storage systems for all types of goods.

Careful Design

Palletised storage systems can store tens of thousands of pallets and millions of pounds worth of goods. They require careful design, installation and commissioning to make the most of their benefits.

High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

We have an record of successful installations and high levels of customer satisfaction. Our innovative designs are often the most cost effective too!

Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is a floor erected within a building, which is not part of the original structure. It provides extra space for offices, storage or work areas.

Cost Effective

Mezzanine floors are a cost effective way of doubling or even tripling floor area, and because they are free standing, they can be installed quickly with minimal disruption.

Safe and Versatile

To ensure that they are safe and precisely fit your need, we offer a wide variety of options and accessories. These include; two or three tier floors, staircases, bridges, walkways, cat ladders, lifting devices, pallet gates, and fire protection.

Quick and Easy

Our floors are pre-engineered and installed quickly using our own engineers. High quality manufacturing methods means they go together on-site as planned.

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