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Tue November 12 2019

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WM & RW Bacon Ltd

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WM & RW Bacon Ltd are:

Lightning protection, lightning conductor engineers

and earthing specialists.

Lightning behaviour has been a fascination for many years and it was in the 18th century when Benjamin Franklin discovered that a Lightning strike could be diverted via a vertically mounted metal rod so as to substationally reduce the structural damage and people within.


Design of Lightning Protection - conductors requires a number of factors to be considered, such as building construction, its use, contents, location and dimensions.

Various unobtrusive lightning protection - conductor installations are available, and in certain circumstances, the building structure reinforcing /steel may form the down conductor path as well as utilizing the foundations as the Earthing system.

We also design and install specialised Earthing Systems for Sub – Stations, Generators, Computer suites, Telecom installations. Soil resistivity testing is part of the design process which enables us to recommend the most suitable earthing system for the particular ground conditions whether it be driven electrodes, earth plates or deep drilling bore holes.

Recommended schemes comply with the BS 6651-1999 Protection of structures against Lightning and BS 7430-1998 “Earthing”, installations are handled personally by our designers, liasing with the Client, Contracts manager and engineers.

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