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Wed November 20 2019

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YBS Insulation (Yorkshire Building Services (Whitwell) Ltd)

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YBS are leading manufacturers of reflective foil Insulation in the UK, supplying high quality insulation products to the building industry for over 10 years.

We are servicing everyone from the home renovator to major house builders.

Our space saving reflective foil insulation products can be used in walls roofs and floors.

Foil Insulation is easy and clean to install and waste is to a minimum. Suspended Floor Application

Can be used with Floorboards or Tongue & Groove floor paneling

SuperFloor Foil is a multi-layer foil laminate, coated with polyethylene to provide a corrosion resistant insulation system.

SuperFloor Foil is a high-performance material which acts creating a low emissivity air space below the floor, thus reflecting the heat back.

SuperFloor Foil can be applied to enhance ‘U’ values in new build or

refurbished building projects to meet and exceed current Building Regulations.

SuperFloor Foil is certified by the BRE as Foil-Tec.

Solid Floor Application

SuperFloor Board is a multi-layer laminate, the top layer is a special woven split film with a locating grid to securely fix and space the underfloor heating pipes.

SuperFloor Board bottom layer can be made with expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene or polyurethane to meet all budgets/design loads.

Specially developed for use in timber-frame and modular building construction, Breather-Foil FR can greatly increase the U-value of the timber-frame wall.

Whether pre-fabricated or assembled on site, Breather-Foil FR can afford the designer and contractor maximum flexibility when detailing timber-frame walls, without the expense of thicker timber frames or higher priced materials.

The Breather-Foil FR timber-framed wall system creates a wind-tight, draught-free, weather-sealed, yet vapour-permeable enclosure, when used in conjunction with external cladding, such as tile-hanging, masonry or weather-boarding.

The Breather-Foil FR timber-frame wall system also offers the following

installation benefits:

Breather-Foil FR protects the timber frame components during construction

Breather-Foil FR details and installation procedures apply regardless of cladding type

Breather-Foil FR will protect the timber and insulation components from the elements

Breather-Foil FR is available with or without a removable coloured membrane (which can carry your company logo!).

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