Zymax (lightning & surge protection devices)

Thu November 14 2019

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Zymax (lightning & surge protection devices)

01237 479797

We design and manufacture lightning and surge protection devices.

As well as protection for AC Mains power - Three Phase & Single Phase Protectors & Conditioners, we have protection for Data Lines, DC Power Supplies, Aerial/antenna & Co-Ax, Telecom PSTN, RS485, Load Cells, CCTV, FieldBus (ATEX) & Networks. We can also design for your need.

For complete IPU (Integrated Protection Unit) solutions - we can fit and pre-wire surge protection devices in an enclosure ready for installation (also fitting glands and connectors to your specifications).

Whatever your application we hope to be able to help you.

Getting in contact with Zymax (lightning & surge protection devices)

9 Caddsdown Park
Clovelly Road
EX39 3DX

Tel: 01237 479797

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