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Sun November 29 2020

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Health & Safety

Breaking the HIV taboo

Temporary working, living away from home, poor diets and stress can all take their toll on workers’ physical and mental health. But should the sector also include HIV testing in workplace health screenings? Emma Crates reports on a groundbreaking pilot

Skeleton crew

The construction sector has the second-highest rate of work-related musculoskeletal disorders of any industry in the UK, according to figures from the Health & Safety Executive. Small wonder then, that contractors are watching the development of occupational exoskeletons with interest. Helena Russell reports

Dust to dust

Silica is found in many common construction materials, and the HSE ranks it second only to asbestos as a health risk to construction workers. With a parliamentary inquiry underway and a new register launched, companies are under increasing pressure to take action. Emma Crates reports

Breathe easy

New evidence that mild steel welding fume can cause lung cancer has added to the growing concern over respiratory disease in the construction industry. Damian Lynes outlines the risks and how they might be reduced

Digging the dirt

Since 2017, testing and inspection group Socotec has seen a year-on-year doubling of the number of clients who require testing and monitoring of sites containing asbestos-contaminated soil.

Beam me up!

Hull-based contractor Spencer Group has become the first engineering business to adopt a new wearable device that allows users to monitor their emotional well-being. David Taylor reports