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Fri January 22 2021

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WATCH: The world's biggest power cable

Mass transport for the post-Covid world

Hyperloop is being heralded as the first new form of public transportation in more than a century. Lisa Russell looks at whether Covid-19 might accelerate its adoption

Piling firms in the doldrums

The most recent financial statements from the UK’s biggest piling specialists tell a bleak story, with turnover down and profits tumbling. David Taylor reports

Roller coasters: The more complicated the better

The refurbishment of the UK’s tallest rollercoaster is the first of many complex projects for the industry’s youngest steelwork fabricator – at least, that’s the hope of its managing director, Jarrod Hulme. He spoke to David Taylor

Waste not, want not

Changes to the regulations governing the disposal of plastic packaging could spark a massive hike in the cost of some building materials. David Taylor reports

The people’s bridge

Inspired design and sensitive consultation with the local community has culminated in a dramatic crane operation to install a new bridge – the UK’s first stainless-steel road bridge – in Cumbria last month. Helena Russell reports