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Tue June 18 2024

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ADT launches new ceiling tile adapter

30 Sep 11 ADT Fire and Security has launched an ingenious new ceiling tile adapter to help electrical contractors save time on site when installing, fire detectors.

Specifically designed to be mounted onto a suspended ceiling, the adaptor enables the base and head to be fitted, and if necessary commissioned, all in one visit prior to the false ceiling being installed.

Traditionally, suspended ceilings have been installed after the installation of cables and electrical back boxes making them inaccessible for commissioning. Electrical contractors would have to locate cables, taking down tiles in the process. Next, the ceiling tile would have to be placed between the base and back box and everything screwed back into place. Only then can the detector head be fitted, commissioned and tested.

ADT Fire and Security has launched a simple alternative with the new patented ceiling tile adapter, which allows back boxes, bases and heads to all be installed by one person, in one visit ready for the ceiling contractor to complete the job. The ceiling installer cuts an industry standard 127mm hole in the relevant tile, and fits a simple plastic profile ready to accept the detector array. Importantly this work is carried out at ground level.  The tile is then offered up to the detector which is simply pulled down through the hole in the plastic profile and snapped into place.

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When the commissioning engineer goes to site, this saves a considerable amount of time and potential damage to interlocking tiles when trying to find bases above the suspended ceiling. Detectors are visible and in place - ready for immediate commissioning and testing if that hasn’t already been done.

"We work closely with our contractor customers to ensure we fully understand issues experienced on site," explained Peter Lackey, Fire Product Marketing Manager at ADT Fire and Security. "The patented ceiling tile adapter is a practical solution to a very common problem. Now, real time savings can be had as no time is wasted trying to locate cables and back boxes. Instead, the installation and commissioning of fire detectors is simple and hassle-free. Furthermore, with less time working at height trying to locate back boxes - safety on site is significantly improved." 

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