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Wed December 01 2021

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Affected by the material shortage?

18 Oct MB Crusher attachments help companies to eliminate purchasing and waiting for material deliveries by creating a stock of material from previous projects.

The ongoing material shortage is affecting many companies. The effect is three fold:

  • The price increase in original material
  • Delays in project completion
  • Environmental impact on landfills

MB Crusher attachments can help resolve all three issues by recycling materials and transforming waste into resources. The use of a MB Crusher attachment really does help its clients gain independence on site.

All you need to do is choose the right attachment.

Do you need to reduce the size of debris?

MB’s JAW Crusher bucket can reduce material without having to move it to a specialized center.

Models available for excavators, skid and loaders from 3 up  to 100 tons.
By simply regulating the output to the desired size, waste can be turned into profit. The MB JAW Crusher bucket can also work with reinforced concrete, separating the concrete from the re-bar and thanks to the iron separator installed on the bucket the iron portion can be recycled, and the aggregate produced.

Do you need to separate different types of material?

With the MB Crusher’s shaft screener the job can be done easily and quickly.  

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Models available for excavators skid and loaders from 3 to 17 tons.

Just by simply changing the shafts on site (6 available to choose from) a single unit can separate a vast range of materials:

  • Wet soil
  • Clay
  • Asphalt
  • Drywall
  • Foliage
  • Plus many more.

Environmental Impact

Enhancing the usage of heavy equipment to recover materials is also good for the environment. The use of MB Crusher’s attachments shows an ethical process of recovering demolition materials to help improve the environment and the community. By reusing materials there is a direct consequence in the reduction of the vehicle emissions travelling to and from the construction sites which reduces a construction sites carbon footprint.

With the aid of an MB Attachment excavators are no longer used for the pure purpose of digging they are carriers that will transform into multi-purpose machines, effective in various fields such as road works, trenching, demolition, construction and reclamation.

MB’s attachments are a simple and cost-effective solution to gain material to build the next skyscraper, bridge, highway, dam, housing development even when working in restricted city centers area, or areas that are remote not well connected by roads. 

To avoid construction material shortage issues, the solution is to use recycled material instead of conventional building material, give waste a new purpose, a second chance is sometimes better than the first one.

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