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Fri July 19 2024

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America’s biggest 3D printed house – yours for $500k

16 Mar 23 What is claimed to be the largest concrete 3D-printed house in America has gone on the market for half a million US dollars.

The buyer of 42 Dean Street will "own a piece of history" says the agent
The buyer of 42 Dean Street will "own a piece of history" says the agent

Online real estate agent is advertising the four-bed, two-bath house at 42 Dean Street, Islandia, New York to potential buyers who want to “own a piece of history and be the envy of all [their] friends”.

The house has been built by New York-based SQ4D using its Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS) and boasts 2,000 sqft of modern living space set in about a quarter of an acre of grounds.

The agent points out that 42 Dean Street is built entirely of concrete, making it stronger and more durable than most modern houses in America, which are of timber frame construction.

SQ4D said that while its competitors typically print only the walls (8-11% of the building), SQ4D prints more than 40% of the structure, including the footings, foundation slab, interior and exterior walls on site.

The company also said that its ARCS system uses “store-bought” concrete which is readily accepted by local building departments throughout the US, unlike other 3D printed systems that require “a complicated mix with dozens of chemicals.”

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SQ4D said that its 3D printing technology can “drive a lasting solution to the housing crisis by drastically reducing the cost and time of construction as compared to traditional methods that are antiquated and wasteful”.

The developer on this project, Charles Wienraub, said: "After building and renovating over 400 homes in the past five years, I could no longer keep up with the increased cost of building supplies and an incredibly difficult labour market.

“I have now completely pivoted my business to 3D printing as a way to create beautiful sustainable homes while turning a healthy profit".

SQ4D listed its first 3D printed home for sale in 2021. The company has recently secured planning approval for a 25-house development in New York and plans to work with non-profit social housing organisation Habitat for Humanity this summer.

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