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Mon March 08 2021

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Bobcat laser grader saves Pell time

1 Jul 14 Pell Plant Hire is reporting big savings after buying its first Bobcat loader, complete with laser grader system.

Pell's Bobcat T650 with laser grader
Pell's Bobcat T650 with laser grader

The new Bobcat is a T650H tracked model. The Skegness hire firm has bought with it a range of attachments for laser flooring screed work. 

These include a laser grader system comprising a 274 cm (108 in) grader, a laser mounting kit and two BLR2 laser receivers, as well as a set of Bobcat pallet forks. 

Managing director Simon Pell said: “When I went to see the Bobcat system demonstrated on a site in Yorkshire, I was amazed at how fast it graded and how accurate the finish was and I knew it would bring great efficiencies for our business.  

“We are now doing jobs in half the time – projects that used to take two days are now being completed in just six hours with the new Bobcat grader.  This saves on labour costs and, as we are producing surfaces with a 5mm accuracy across the whole surface, there is also a significant saving of 5-10% on material costs as less concrete needs to be laid to achieve the equivalent finish.”

Pell Plant Hire is a family run business formed by Simon Pell’s father, Steve, in 1973, initially dealing mainly with the footings for small buildings and dyking for local farmers, two types of job that are still carried out today. 

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The company has been laying concrete for more than 30 years, often in agriculture applications but also factory floors.

Simon Pell added: “The compactness of the Bobcat loader is ideal for work on the poultry sheds where the height to the eaves can be as low as 8ft, preventing the use of larger plant.  We are also talking to a number of contractors and local authorities about using the Bobcat system for work on roads and car parks.  We will also use the Bobcat system on horse ménages where the sand needs to be dead level.  With the laser system we can also offer dual gradient work where it is required.”

The 274 cm grader features a six-way blade plus hydraulic side-shift of up to 33cm left or right.  It also allows grading closer to an obstacle, side-shifting to get around it and then side-shifting back to continue to work. 

The grader can be converted from the standard unit to a laser grader by mounting the receiver poles, clamping the Bobcat laser receivers onto the poles and plugging in the harnesses. 

Pell bought its new machine from Scunthorpe-based dealer AMS Bobcat.

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