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Sat June 19 2021

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Cat brings out new backhoe loader series

26 Mar 20 Caterpillar is introducing four new backhoe loader models to replace its F2 Series.

Cat 444 backhoe loader
Cat 444 backhoe loader

The new backhoe loader line consists of the Cat 428, 432, 434 and the 444 models, replacing the 428F2, 432F2, 434F2 and the 444F2 machines respectively.

The new machines offer similar model platforms throughout the line, with similar components and operating layouts.

The new models are powered by the Cat C3.6 engine, which meets EU Stage V emission standards by means of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and diesel particulate filter (DPF). The 428 is available with a 55 kW engine, replacing the 427F2, and requires only a DPF to meet the EU Stage V emission standards. Caterpillar claims that the new backhoes are 10% more fuel efficient than the old F2 series.

All models in the new backhoe loader line feature standard 4-wheel drive with rear differential lock for improved traction in poor ground conditions. A new powershift transmission, making it easier to change gear, will be available as an option on the 428 and 434 and fitted as standard on the 432. The 444 will continue to be fitted with a fully automatic transmission as standard.

All the new models have adjustable auxiliary hydraulic flow to the backhoe, so machine hydraulics match the operating specifications of attachments. They are compatible with F2 series attachments, so owners of the old model looking to upgrade do not need to by new attachments.

New boom cylinders, available as an option, on the 428 and the 434, offer up to 25 percent more boom lift capability to enhance operating performance.

The redesigned operator control system uses analogue machine gauges with a colour LCD information display that is soft key controlled. Informational icon pop-ups offer quick navigation between operating modes, while full text diagnostic descriptions aid troubleshooting and maintenance. The security system disables the engine, transmission and hydraulic system until a passcode is entered via the LCD operator control screen.

Pilot controls are available on the 428 and 434 as an option and new seat mounted controls that provide the operator with more comfort and control are now standard on the 432 and the 444.

New seat-mounted controls on the 432 and 444 stay with the operator when turning the seat to control loader and backhoe functions for more ergonomic and comfortable operation. This arrangement permits Dual Mode for more efficient machine repositioning. Dual Mode also allows the operator to sit at an offset angle while controlling the machine for improved visibility.

For the first time on a Cat backhoe loader an optional, touchscreen LCD display lets the operator to interact with machine functions to change key operating functions such as pattern control and hydraulic control settings.

Cat 432 backhoe loader
Cat 432 backhoe loader

Backhoe loader series product specifications

  428 432 434 444
Engine Cat C3.6 Cat C3.6 Cat C3.6 Cat C3.6
Net power, Max, kW 68 76 68 76
Operating weight, kg 8,131 8,322 9,170 9462
Loader lift capacity, MP Bucket, max. height, kg 3,488 3,488 4,303 4,310
Max Loader hinge pin height, mm 3,463 3,462 3,518 3,615
Max dig depth,
E-stick, Extended, mm 5,700 6,169 5,748 6,218
Stick force, E-stick, Retracted, N 36,899 47,251 36,818 47,173

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