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Sun February 23 2020

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Cat expands mini digger family

21 Feb 19 Caterpillar has expanded its range of Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators with the addition of six new models in the seven-to-10-tonne category.

The Cat Next Generation 308CR mini excavator
The Cat Next Generation 308CR mini excavator

The new models provide a selection of basic configurations to suit customer needs and preferences.

As with other Cat Next Generation mini excavators, the new models feature heavy duty main structures, Stage V compliant engines, load sensing hydraulics and the Caterpillar stick steer system.

The stick steer system allows the operator to switch (at the touch of a button) from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to joystick control. Automatic two-speed travel is standard, as is a cruise control system.

The six new models are fitted with sealed and pressurised cabs, with a redesigned heating/ventilating/air conditioning system for all-weather climate control. The large front window slides upward and stores away overhead; glass areas on the sides and rear of the cab, plus a skylight, provide all-around visibility. An optional rear-view camera can be integrated into the monitor.

The six new models are:

  • 307.5, a standard tail swing model with a fixed boom;
  • 308 CR, a compact radius model with a swing boom; the 308 CR VAB, featuring a variable angle (two-piece) swing boom;
  • 309 CR, a new model in the mini range featuring a compact radius, swing boom, and “high flow” auxiliary hydraulics;
  • 309 CR VAB, which expands the 309 CR's capability with a variable angle boom;
  • and the 310, with fixed boom, standard tail swing, and twin blade cylinders for handling heavy-duty dozing chores.


  307.5 308 CR 308 CR VAB 309 CR 309 CR VAB 310
Min. weight, kg 7 532 8 146 9 483 8 756 9 550 9 601
Max. weight, kg 8 233 9 380 9 483 9 403 9 550 10 182
Tail swing Standard Compact Compact Compact Compact Standard
Dig depth, std. mm 4 107 4 109 3 925 4 115 3 931 5 174
Dig depth, long, mm 4 649 4 644 4 650

The Cat Next Generation 307.5 mini excavator
The Cat Next Generation 307.5 mini excavator

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