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Fri December 01 2023

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Cemex Ventures to enter Chinese market

21 Nov 19 Cemex Ventures is collaborating with two other companies to enter the Chinese market by developing innovations in technology for construction.

It is teaming up with Glodon, a Beijing-based digital service, and Interdream Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on the digitalisation of the construction and decorating industries. They have signed a collaboration agreement.

With this collaboration agreement, Cemex Ventures is expected to build relationships with start-ups and other businesses. This type of alliance between two segments that fit together is key to finding new successful business models and operating in the Chinese market, said Cemex Ventures Asia representative Juan Nieto. “Glodon and Interdream Ventures also have a complete vision of the entire value chain and are good partners to drive the construction revolution.”

In addition to local knowledge, Cemex Ventures, Glodon, and Interdream Ventures will share their experience with the goal of fostering innovation in the construction industry. They plan to work to invest in new technologies and innovative solutions.

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“The global construction industry is undergoing the process of digital upgrading and transformation,” said Aihua Wang, Glodon’s senior vice president of in charge of investment and ecosystem development. “Glodon is very happy to share our platform resources and work with Cemex Ventures and Interdream Ventures to jointly drive technological innovation and foster the entrepreneur ecosystem for the entire industry.”

“It is essential for venture capital companies to keep pace with the latest developments of technology in the construction industry and the startups who participate in this revolution worldwide,” said Xinyi Su, founder and CEO of Interdream Ventures. “Interdream Ventures is happy to cooperate with Cemex Ventures and Glodon to drive the technological revolution of the construction industry.”

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