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Sat July 20 2024

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Concrete in all its glory

26 Feb 21 Concrete is a material under fire for its carbon intensity but there is no doubting its value, as these award winning-photos demonstrate.

The overall winner was this image of the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, by Nurlan Tahirli
The overall winner was this image of the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, by Nurlan Tahirli

The Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA) has shared the winning pictures from its ‘Concrete in Life 2020’ global photography competition.

These photos from both professional and amateur photographers capture concrete in all its glory – from urban scenes to playparks, from beautiful architecture to essential transport networks.

More than 10,000 pictures were submitted to the competition by people across the world, covering three categories (Concrete Infrastructure, Urban Concrete, and Concrete in Daily Life).

The overall winner scoops the top prize of US$10,000, with each of the category winners receiving $2,500.

Category winners

Concrete Infrastructure amateur winner

Mariëtte Ewalds: “De Lentloper” bridge in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

 “This bridge “De Lentloper” in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, was photographed to show the relationship between concrete and sustainability. The bridge is a surprising place to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings not just by passing but also working-out or cycling. It becomes one with nature. How both functional and beautiful concrete can be.”

Concrete Infrastructure professional winner

Nishar Mohammed: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

 “This picture is of the Defence Roundabout Intersection on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, which opened in January 2011. 450,000 vehicles enter Dubai on an average every day from other Emirates, with the city welcoming 40,000 vehicles in the morning peak hours every day. It’s concrete enabling people to conduct their daily lives.”

Urban Concrete amateur winner (and overall winner)

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Nurlan Tahirli: Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

“The photo I took was at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. I was struck by the building’s unique and unusual look – its stunning design with simplicity of lines, single colour and complexity of structure portraying the modern beauty of concrete and how people were interacting with it and enjoying it.”

Urban Concrete professional winner

Ekaterina Koryakova: Parking space near RAI, Amsterdam Netherlands

“This picture captures perfect geometry, minimalism, graceful lines, harmonious shades and colours. Concrete inspires me as much as nature and I can’t stop admiring it.”

Concrete in Daily Life amateur winner

Christopher Andres: Rizal Province, Philippines

“The thought of growing up in the final resting place of people might be jarring but for these kids who live in a cemetery in Rizal, it isn't always like that. This use of concrete isn't just a tomb or their bed at night, it's a platform of fun and laughter.”

Concrete in Daily Life professional winner

Christopher “Tawpee” Comeso: Dalma Park, Abu Dhabi

“I took this picture in a newly opened family park here in Abu Dhabi, Dalma Park, while I was taking a photo walk. I took a picture of the child while playing in the unique concrete maze. This photo captures concrete’s beauty and shows its important role in all aspects of life like a child’s upbringing.”

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