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Sun May 09 2021

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Concrete scanner speeds rebar detection

26 Oct 17 IDS GeoRadar, an Italian supplier of ground penetrating radar (GPR), has launched a new tool for locating objects or voids in structures before cutting or drilling.

C-thrue in use
C-thrue in use

C-thrue is a radar-based device for scanning structures to locate rebar, cables, cavities, conduits or other objects buried in the concrete before cutting or drilling into it.

The C-thrue software enables visualisation of 3D images to simplify data interpretation. The system also uses augmented reality for data visualisation and sharing across operators.

“C-thrue provides clearer, faster detection of both first and second levels of rebars. An automatic positioning and navigation system for assisted data acquisition supports users, eliminating the need for manual, error-prone paper grids, and further increasing data accuracy. As a result, their daily surveys become easier and more productive,” said Paolo Papeschi, manager of the IDS GeoRadar GEO business unit.  

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