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Sun September 26 2021

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Construction Products Innovation and Achievement Highlights Outstanding Qualities

2 Nov 10 The Construction Products Association has once again launched the annual publication Construction Products Innovation and Achievement (CPIA), showcasing some of the most innovative products and processes that have been developed by the construction products industry within the last year or so.

The publication includes a message of support from Paul Morrell, the Chief Construction Adviser, who praises the positive impact that the construction products industry is making towards innovation and efficiency and especially how the publication demonstrates the tremendous amount of innovation emanating from the industry. 

Commenting on the entries chosen for the publication, Simon Storer, Communications and External Affairs Director for the Construction Products Association said; ‘The industry has had another very difficult year and despite recent figures indicating some recovery, most forecasts point to a prolonged period of little or no growth.   Despite this we are delighted that the construction products industry continues to show an enormous desire to introduce a variety of new and exciting solutions.  Companies understand only too well the competitive edge that innovation brings and that creativeness is a key part of their current and future commercial success.  Encouragingly recent reports have shown that investment in product improvement, innovation and R&D has remained consistently strong throughout the down-turn. 

‘If anybody believed this industry was standing still then you only need to look at the products and processes showcased in CPIA 2010 to see how the industry is delivering improvements. The construction products industry has proved once again its enormous ability to lead, by devising new, more efficient, more sustainable ways of doing things.  This creative and innovative approach is not confined just to a select few in one or two sectors, but can be seen as a key driver for an industry that is continuously improving and constantly changing.  

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‘The 20 entries in this year’s publication are featured under four headings; Energy and Carbon Saving; Health, Safety and Security; Improvements in Site Efficiency; and Resource Efficiency. The companies featured in these categories demonstrate that by improving efficiency and creating safer operations on site, the industry is leading the way in developing new improvements to the benefit of all concerned, including clients and end users, company employees and especially the environment in which we live. 

‘As well as the 20 entries in the publication, there is a further selection of examples available on the Association website, highlighting that the construction products industry is at the forefront of embracing and leading innovation.  CPIA was always intended to show how the industry as a whole is at the forefront of innovation, improvement and change and we can be proud that our industry continues not only to aim high but also to deliver this range of solutions and improvements.’  

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