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Sat June 22 2024

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Dieselec Thistle generators delivers greater cross sector flexibility

25 Nov 11 Dieselec Thistle has upgraded its 26-275 kVA range of generators, offering greater flexibility to tailor standby generators to the specific requirements of any sector, including healthcare, IT and commercial applications, thanks to the addition of the FG Wilson Lean 2 range.

The new range also has greater commonality of parts across different models making it quicker and easier to source and fit replacement parts.

The generator specialist is already supplying orders for generators of any size within the 26kVA to 200kVA bracket from the new Lean 2 range and any orders taken now for generators between 220kVA and 275kVA will also be Lean 2 models.  The package is designed to offer more homogenous performance, parts and operation across the range. The new products will make it easier to upgrade, order spare parts from stock or adapt standby power provision as needs change and specialist like Dieselec Thistle with good upfit capabilities can use them as a basis from which to build a machine that exactly fits the customer’s requirements.

Explains Brian Muirie from Dieselec Thistle Generators : “The Lean 2 range has seen FG Wilson establish an entirely new high-tech production line at its factory in Larne and make a wide variety of enhancements across the range. These include a revised digital control panel, improved fuel pump design and the replacement of metal corner posts and louvered grilles with plastic ones that are cheaper and easier to repair if damaged.  The changes offer much more than a general upgrade, however, as these improvements have been combined with a clear focus on streamlining the number of generator components within the range. This allows stockists like ourselves to hold more machines and adapt them to suit a wider range of end-user applications - an approach which is completely new to the sector.”

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This approach is exemplified by the generators’ base frame which is a single size and design for both open sets and canopies in the new range, allowing end users to add or remove a canopy if their needs should change. The commonality of serviceable parts introduced across the range also provides excellent compatibility with previous models, extending their service life.

Further enhancements to the range include handling improvements, better damage and corrosion resistance, easier access with side hinged doors (removable at 450), easier installation and greater durability with a robust galvanised steel enclosure and no visible external fixings.

Brian continues: “We will shortly be extending the Lean 2 specification to all generators up to 800kVA, so the impressive array of enhancements and wide variety of optional features mean that we can now truly specify a bespoke solution for any application requiring a generator from 26 to 800kVA.”

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