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Sun September 26 2021

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Dorma changes the rules with new glass movable wall solution

19 Oct 10 DORMA, the global market leader of door controls, automatics, glass and movable walls, has launched an innovative new moveable wall system that combines excellent acoustic properties and complete transparency.

Offering the best of both worlds – the ability to have both open plan office space and segmented spaces for privacy when required - MOVEO® Glass sets new standards of workspace flexibility. 

The MOVEO® Glass movable wall system offers anadaptable solution to a wide range of office, conference and hospitality environments. Based on the DORMA MOVEO®movable wall solution, MOVEO® Glass combines the transparency of glass with sound insulation and ease of operation. 

With MOVEO® Glass, users can enjoy the brightness and buzz of an open plan work space but at the simple touch of a button the space can be transformed into separate areas. When not in use, the system is discreetly folded out of the way, maximising working space. 

MOVEO® Glass offers impressive sound reduction values of up to 50dB to eliminate any audible distractions, vital so that important meetings, negotiations and interviews can take place in a quiet space with no interruptions. When additional privacy is required, MOVEO®Glass offers the option of electrically controlled blinds and glass texturing or patterning to meet exacting user requirements.

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Unlike other movable wall systems, MOVEO® Glass offers complete transparency. By separating and not isolating when in use, the system helps to forge a sense of integration by putting occupants at ease to create a more productive and interactive working environment.
MOVEO® Glass is extremely flexible, allowing working areas to be quickly altered between room-in-room and room-corridor configurations, making it the ideal solution for changeable, transparent room spaces. Suitable for offices, conference rooms, hotels, schools and leisure facilities, the potential uses of MOVEO®Glass are virtually limitless.
For ease of use, the system can be configured with MOVEO® ComfortDriveso each individual MOVEO®panel can be pre-programmed to a set position on the system’s track using touch screen controls. At the push of a button, users can move partitions to create an opening for access, produce gapped configurations or place the elements at any track location.

To provide further versatility, MOVEO® Glass has been specially designed to complement and integrate with the existing DORMA MOVEO® movable walls range. Offering finishes including real wood veneer, high pressure laminate and marker board, the addition of MOVEO® Glass enables the creation of transparent breaks in a run of solid elements.

With the introduction of MOVEO®Glass, DORMA has demonstrated the impressive combination of sound insulation and transparency. Successfully unifying these two previously contradictory elements, the MOVEO® Glass system provides an efficient, effective use of space with a range of creative possibilities. 

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