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Fri December 03 2021

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Electrician earnings reach all-time high

6 Nov 19 Earnings for self-employed electricians rose by 5.8% last month to hit the highest level on record, according to data released by payroll firm Hudson Contract.

He's quids in
He's quids in

Analysis of October payroll data for more than 2,200 construction companies in England and Wales reveals a weekly average of £1,165 for electrical contractors.

This is the highest figure since Hudson Contract started analysing subcontractor earnings in March 2008. Electricians generated the highest earnings of all 17 construction trades covered by the company last month.

Self-employed electricians in Wales saw the strongest growth in weekly earnings in October, rising 25.7% to £972. They were followed by the southeast, up 8.8% to £1,301, and the northwest, up 8.1% to £929.

According to Hudson Contract, electrical contractors in the east of England region had the highest weekly earnings at £1,363, equivalent to an annual salary of £70,000.

Ian Anfield, managing director of Hudson Contract, said: “Despite political uncertainty and a general election, freelance electricians have never earned more. We hope this message reaches young people considering a career in construction.

Region October 2019
Average Month on Month
% Change
East of England £1,363 5.5%
South East £1,301 8.8%
West Midlands £1,196 1.2%
East Midlands £992 4.0%
Yorkshire and the Humber £981 6.1%
London £972 6.3%
Wales £972 25.7%
North West £929 8.1%
North East £877 7.7%
South West £757 2.4%

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