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Sun February 28 2021

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Ferrovial develops hi-tech solutions for six Spanish cities

11 Dec 14 Ferrovial has worked with cities across Spain to choose six pilot projects that will use technology to improve municipal services.

The schemes in A Coruña, Malaga, Santander, Seville, Valencia and Vitoria are part of the ‘Cities Open Challenge by Ferrovial’ programme, which involves working to implement initiatives and enhance services using the most innovative solutions, while supporting entrepreneurship.

Each city proposed a specific challenge to stimulate innovation and improve services to citizens, and it chose the best innovative solution from among the proposals. The six solutions are now being developed and will be implemented as projects.

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The chosen solutions are:

  • A Coruña – ‘Connecthings’: tagging of urban furniture and public spaces in the city, with links to an application and the city's website to provide users with instant information;
  • Málaga –‘ReCollect’: a project aimed at helping local residents define the days for waste collection rounds, so as to coordinate demand and delivery of the service;
  • Santander – ‘Ouner’: a virtual lost property office. A website and a mobile app enable users to register personal belongings so that, if they are lost, the owner can be found;
  • Seville – ‘GUAU’: system for finding lost pets using iBeacons, which identify and track objects in their vicinity. The system also encourages interactions between pet owners;
  • Valencia – ‘Clickcole’: a platform providing updated information on the education system, promoting collective organisation and smart use of the city's resources.
  • Vitoria – ‘Moovit’: a collaborative app dealing with public transportation. It allows users to plan routes, track routes on the fly, check timetables and so on.

‘Cities Open Challenge by Ferrovial’ is managed by the company's Centre of Excellence for Cities and its innovation and processes department. Other programmes being undertaken by Ferrovial Servicios include the Research Center for Intelligent Cities, a joint initiative with the City of Santander and the University of Cantabria, among others. 

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