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Tue November 28 2023

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Fugro sells fibre-optic business

11 Dec 19 Fugro has sold its structural health monitoring technology business to a specialist company based in Amsterdam.

Niek Rijnveld (Optics11) and Brice Bouffard (Fugro) signed the official transfer documents
Niek Rijnveld (Optics11) and Brice Bouffard (Fugro) signed the official transfer documents

Fibre-optic sensing company Optics11 has bought Fugro’s FAZ Technology, which 10 employees and specialises in the research and development of fibre-optic sensing solutions. The potential for the technology is seen by Fugro as being much broader than its own core markets; hence the decision to divest.

Fugro said that FAZ Technology’s fibre-optic sensing systems will complement Optics11’s range of sensing products, including acoustic emission detection and seismic monitoring, and will enable Optics11 to develop full structural-health monitoring and condition-monitoring solutions.

“We strongly believe that fibre-optic technology has great potential for more and more future applications,” said Optics11 CEO, Niek Rijnveld. “Incorporating Fugro’s FAZ Technology into our existing offering allows us to take a major step towards full monitoring solutions.”

Optics11 and Fugro have agreed to work together to develop systems for monitoring the structural health of assets such as offshore wind farms and civil infrastructure, including bridges, roads, tunnels and other high-value assets.

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