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Sun March 29 2020

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Injunction prevents urban climbers getting kicks at Wembley

3 Jan 19 Developers have taken out an injunction to prevent a dare-devil from climbing construction cranes and other high structures on their Wembley Park development in London.

George King-Thompson in action
George King-Thompson in action

Teenager George King-Thompson is named in a High Court injunction secured by Wembley Park Ltd. Should he now access the construction site he will be held in contempt of court and risk a prison sentence or hefty fine.

The injunction also prevents anyone else climbing to a height of more than two metres above street level on any part of the Wembley Park construction sites.

Developer Quintain acted, along with its contractors, after a series of incidents where trespassing urban climbers put themselves and others in danger.

“We take the safety of the public and our staff seriously,” the companies said. “Individuals who engage in disruptive and dangerous behaviour put themselves and others at risk of significant harm. We will always act to prevent them from doing so.”

The court order is in force until 31st December 2023.

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