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Thu July 25 2024

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It’s all bagged up at the new CEMEX plant

15 Dec 11 CEMEX UK, building materials provider, has invested £3.5 million in a new cement bagging plant at its Rugby plant site in Warwickshire. The new plant has been built following extensive customer consultation, with many customers wanting the option of cement in plastic or paper bags.

Today, approximately 1/5 of CEMEX customers buy cement in the new plastic packaging.

The plant incorporates an Aroda Arovac bagging system, with a unique operating mechanism. Once filled with cement any air in the bag is sucked out creating a vacuum before sealing.

This system has the many ‘environmental’ advantages in comparison to other plastic cement bags on the market. The   bags are both air and water tight, which extends the shelf life and keeps the cement fresher. Conventional plastic bags can be used saving on the amount of additional plastic needed to make them waterproof.  

Matthew Wild, VP Commercial Cement, Building Products and Logistics: “Plastics bags offer many benefits.  As well as increased shelf life the CEMEX bags are stronger so for everyone, from ourselves as producers, through logistics, to the merchant and onto the builder, the bags are less likely to tear and therefore there is less wastage. From the moment the cement leaves the bagging plant, there is an economic as well as an environmental benefit.”

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For both the builder’s merchant and the builder there are further benefits as a result of the bags being 100% waterproof.  For the merchant gone are the days of requiring large expensive areas for storage. The bags can be stored outside whatever the weather next to associated products such as bricks, sand or landscaping materials.

On site, builders can place them close to the construction area until required and if there is a sudden downpour, there is no need to cover the cement bags.

The new plant means that CEMEX stockists can now offer customers Rugby Premier cement in both plastic and paper bags.

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