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Thu September 23 2021

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Jam tomorrow to solve jams today: Full road programme details

13 Nov 13 Central government will spend £1.9bn on road construction on 209 schemes in 2014, which is more than twice the 2013 spend.

The total cost of all the schemes that will be under construction at some point next year is put at £4.3bn.

More than half of the 209 schemes are scheduled for completion during 2014 but 2015 is set to bring an even larger programme of road construction and improvement, with spending rising to £3bn a year by 2020.

Those schemes under construction in 2014 include: 178 ‘pinch point’ schemes that tackle local bottlenecks on our roads, and 31 ‘major schemes’ to improve key networks.

Schemes that are due to start or complete in 2014 also include: M4 J19-20 and M6 J5-8 near Birmingham, A11 Fiveways to Thetford near Norwich, M25 J23-27, A45 and A46 Tollbar End and M1 J19 improvements in the Midlands, A23 Handcross to Warninglid near Crawley, the M3 J2-4a in the South East and the A1 Leeming to Barton in the North of England.

The full list is published below.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill said that the work would support more than 9,500 construction jobs during the year, but the

However, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association thinks the figure is likely to be even higher than this.  Director of external affairs (and chief executive designate) Alasdair Reisner said: “This, if anything, is an underestimation of the wider benefits of infrastructure investment. CECA’s research has demonstrated that for every 1,000 jobs created in infrastructure construction, 3,000 are created in the wider economy due to increases in the demand for goods and services from industries in the supply chain.”

Schemes that have some construction in 2014:

Authority Name Project Name Description Region Total Scheme cost (000s) Estimated / actual start works Estimated / actual completion date Estimated capital spend in 2014 (000s)
Centro West Midlands Access to Growth Package Expansion of facilities at three park and ride locations, located on key rail lines into Birmingham City Centre, including provision for car sharing bays, electric vehicle charging points and cycle hubs. W Mids £4,206 Aug-2014 Sep-2014 £4,206
Coventry City Council A4600 Congestion Relief Scheme The scheme comprises highway enhancements to the A4600 and improved access to the
University Hospital. Key junction upgrades have been identified that will increase capacity, improve priority for buses and meet the objectives of encouraging growth
W Mids £5,920 Oct-2013 Jan-2015 £4,489
Staffordshire County Council Beacon Business Park (BBP) Growth Point Construction of a roundabout on the A518 at the junction with Blackheath Lane and a new link road into the proposed development site with a second roundabout and access road to the existing business park. W Mids £2,507 Sep-2013 Apr-2014 £1,064
Staffordshire County Council A50 to Alton Growth Corridor Scheme for 2 new roundabouts at B5030 Jnct with Station Road + High Street. In additon, a new roundabout to improve the Jnctn at Denstone B5031/B5032 and Safety and Traffic Management Measures.  W Mids £2,706 Nov-2013 Mar-2016 £1,157
Staffordshire County Council Gungate, Tamworth The scheme is a package of improvements to provide additional highway capacity along the Gungate Corridor, Tamworth. The proposals comprise the widening and re-phasing of signals at Fountains junction and new toucan crossing facilities W Mids £7,676 May-2014 Mar-2015 £6,161
Stoke on Trent City Council Unlocking Etruria Valley Enterprise Area The scheme includes the creation of a new all-purpose highway access into the Etruria Valley site in Stoke-on-Trent from the A500 Wolstanton junction.  W Mids £14,115 Sep-2014 Dec-2015 £3,299
Telford and Wrekin Council Telford Future - Malinslee Roundabout Improvement Scheme Scheme to alleviate congestion in Telford town centre by the improvement and signalisation of Malinslee roundabout to prioritise bus improvements. Scheme also includes Variable Messaging Signage around Telford Town Centre Box. W Mids £1,601 Nov-2013 Apr-2014 £954
Warwickshire County Council B4100-B4451 Dual Carriageway The scheme comprises a new dual carriageway from M40 J12  to JLR/AML site to address a serious safety and congestion issue on both the Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and Highways Agency (HA) M40 networks. W Mids £6,314 Jul-2014 Jul-2015 £2,744
Wolverhampton City Council Wobaston Road Corridor Scheme to improve the standard of road from single to dual carriageway from Headway Road to Patshull Avenue.  W Mids £3,575 Sep-2013 Dec-2014 £2,742
Worcestershire County Council Hoobrook Link Road Phase 3 Link road to provide improved access, connect two key employment corridors, promote economic growth and relieve traffic congestion.  W Mids £10,982 Dec-2014 Jan-2016 £627
Highways Agency PPP A49 PRESTON BOATS SIGNAL All arms of the roundabout at the A5 junction with the A49 Preston Boats operate at or near to full capacity in the morning and afternoon peaks with the A49 in the morning and A5 (east) in the evening being congested. W Mids £3,380 Dec-2013 Jul-2014 £2,886
Highways Agency PPP A5/A5148 WALL ISLAND WIDEN To reduce the queues and delays on the A5148 approach and the A5 approaches to the roundabout widening will carried out on the A5148 approach, the A5 westbound approach and exit, the A5127 northbound approach and the A5 eastbound approach. W Mids £996 Jan-2014 May-2014 £996
Highways Agency PPP A5 EMSTERY ISLAND IMPS To reduce the high levels of congestion and collisions at the A5 Emstrey and A5064 Shrewsbury junction this scheme will realign both the A5 approaches to accommodate additional lanes for turning vehicles together with adding two A5 ahead lanes through the W Mids £4,210 Feb-2014 Aug-2014 £4,210
Highways Agency PPPA50/A500 SIDEWAY ISLAND WID To reduce the delay and queuing problems on the A50 approach to the junction and safety issues on and near to the roundabout this scheme will involve changes to the lining and signing at various locations. W Mids £1,139 Mar-2014 Jun-2014 £1,139
Highways Agency PPP M6 Junct 6 Salford Circus Traffic lights will be introduced to this junction to reduce rush hour delays.  W Mids £834 Apr-2014 Oct-2014 £834
Highways Agency PPP M42 JUNCTION 6 IMPS Congestion is experienced at the M42 Junction 6, particularly when motorway incidents occur and when major events take place at the National Exhibition Centre. To reduce this and its impact this scheme involved widening of the roundabout. W Mids £3,652 Mar-2014 Dec-2014 £3,652
Highways Agency PPP M5 JUNCTION 4 PH2 WIDENING To reduce the delays experienced at the roundabout at the M5 Junction 4 this scheme will widen the roundabout circulatory to four lanes between the M5 north facing and M5 south facing slip roads. W Mids £11,229 Mar-2014 Jan-2015 £11,192
Highways Agency PPP A5 Churchbridge Cannock The improvement will involve undertaking a series of realignments of the carriageways at various approaches and sections of the roundabout to increase capacity during peak periods. This will reduce delays during the morning and evening rush hour. W Mids £2,028 May-2014 Jan-2015 £2,020
Highways Agency PPP A46 Ashchurch/M5 J9 Improv At Alexander Way the main improvement will involve the provision of an additional through lane on the A46 westbound approach to the junction. Works at Aston Cross will involve the extension and realignment of a right turning lane on the A46 westbound approach. W Mids £1,652 May-2014 Dec-2014 £1,652
Highways Agency PPP M6 Junction 16 The improvement will involve the widening of all approaches to the junction and provision of additional traffic signals on the M6 northbound and A500 approaches in both directions.  This will reduce queuing and delays on approaches to M6 junction 16.   W Mids £7,493 May-2014 Feb-2015 £6,625
Highways Agency PPP A5 Mile End roundabout The improvement will involve increasing the size of the existing roundabout to improve capacity and safety at the junction.   W Mids £3,947 Jul-2014 Feb-2015 £3,359
Highways Agency PPP M54 J5 - Forge Roundabout The improvement will reduce the current problems with queuing and congestion at this junction. Traffic lights will be added to some sections of the roundabout to reduce delays, particularly during the morning and evening rush hours    W Mids £2,235 Oct-2013 Mar-2014 £873
Highways Agency PPP M42 J10 PHASE 2 IMPS To reduce the queuing and delays on the approaches to this roundabout there will be widening of the M42 northbound approach, A5 West exit, A5 eastbound approach, the circulatory carriageway opposite the A5 eastbound entry to the roundabout. W Mids £3,138 Nov-2013 Mar-2014 £1,543
Highways Agency PPP A5 EDGEBOLD ISLAND IMPS To reduce the congestion at the A5 Edgebold roundabout the side road approached to the junction will be widened, together with revised signing and lining on the approaches and roundabout. W Mids £457 Nov-2013 Feb-2014 £154
Highways Agency PPP A5 CHURNCOTE ISLAND IMPS To reduce the queuing and delays experienced at the A5 Churncote Island this scheme will widen the A458(W) to two approach lanes and the A5(N) will be widened to two lane entry and exit. In addition, signing and road markings will be improved. W Mids £1,490 Nov-2013 Mar-2014 £732
Highways Agency PPP M42 J9 SB EGRESS IMPS To reduce the congestion that occurs on the M42 Junction 9 roundabout and M42 approaches this scheme will widen the southbound on-slip and upgrade the traffic signals. W Mids £709 Nov-2013 Feb-2014 £239
Highways Agency A43 M40 J10 Capacity Improvement The M40 Junction 10 experiences severe congestion during peak hours most noticeably on the M40 NB exit to towards the A43, where queues regularly form and sometimes queue back onto the M40 main carriageway. W Mids £1,338 Feb-2014 May-2014 £1,338
Highways Agency M6 J5-8 Smart motorway W Mids £126,500 2012/13 2014/15 £19,974
Highways Agency A45/A46 Tollbar End Junction improvement W Mids £104,891 2013/14 2017/18 £30,618
Highways Agency M6 J10a-13 Smart motorway W Mids £102,000 2013/14 2015/16 £61,066

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