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Fri September 17 2021

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Kawneer launches brise soleil system

29 Jun 11 A brise soleil or solar shading system that brings both form and function to building façades has been launched by architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer.

The AA130 Brise Soleil system not only adds a design statement to an elevation but also optimises natural daylight within the building and limits solar heat gain and glare for its users.

Kawneer’s new AA130 Brise Soleil system can suite with the company’s 50mm AA100, 65mm AA®110 and unitised AA201 curtain walling systems, 451PT and AA4001 framing systems, and AA600TE (thermally enhanced) and AA600TEPlus window series.

It comprises a range of extruded aluminium blades in a variety of shapes (aerofoil and quarter round), sizes (100mm to 400mm), spans (up to a maximum of 6,400mm) and colours (130 standard and 31 metallic, guaranteed for up to 30 years) to suit any project - residential, commercial, education or healthcare - where solar heat and glare is a factor.

Horizontal single-blade options give three angles up to 45º while the horizontal outrigger and multiple blade options give three reaches up to 2,000mm to give total design flexibility for specifiers looking for natural over mechanical ventilation, and glazing systems and brise soleil from a single manufacturer.

Related Information

Integration with Kawneer’s curtain walling, framing and window systems is achieved using specially-designed connection brackets, intended to offer ease of installation on even the most demanding projects.

All elements of Kawneer’s AA130 Brise Soleil system – blades, brackets, outriggers, supporting arms and façade connections – are sustainable as they are manufactured from recycled aluminium billets and can themselves be recycled.

Soon to accompany the new AA130 Brise Soleil system is Solector - new solar shading software that can estimate energy cost savings on an annual basis for initial design consideration.  These are calculated based on the solar heat gain avoided due to the Brise Soleil and are expressed as a saving in cooling costs.

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