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Fri December 01 2023

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Manitoba launches $3bn infrastructure plan

4 Jun 19 The government of the Canadian province of Manitoba has launched a programme that will invest more than CA$3bn (£1.75bn) in infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Areas of focus include the promotion of sustainability, improving public spaces, mitigating climate-related events and enhancing public transit.

Municipal relations minister Jeff Wharton and sustainable development minister Rochelle Squires introduced the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

“Long-term sustainability strengthened through a principled and smart approach to infrastructure will enhance opportunities for building greener, safer and thriving communities while delivering on our Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan,” said Squires.  “Creating a greener, cleaner Manitoba that is resilient and adaptable to climate change will sustain the environment for future generations.”

ICIP will support the province’s infrastructure needs through a continuous call for project submissions, running into 2028.   

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