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Mon May 27 2024

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New backing for smart ear defenders

28 Oct 20 A supplier of smart ear defenders for the construction industry has secured a £2m injection of venture capital funding.

Eave’s ear defenders use ‘hear through’ technology that reduces loud background noise but still let the wearer hold a conversation. The smart headsets also monitor and map noise exposure, allowing employers to analyse each worker’s noise exposure across a site.

The company says that it already supplies 13 of the top 20 construction contractors in the UK and some are mandating the use of active hearing defenders as a result of trails with Eave.

Eave’s new investor is Pembroke VCT and the £2m will be used to accelerate international expansion through 2021.

Related Information

Eave’s hearing protection system comprises its FocusLite smart ear defenders and Peak, a cloud-based risk monitoring and prevention platform. Eave customers equip their workforces with FocusLite headsets, which gather real-time data on construction site noise as well as the wearer’s exposure rate, and feed it through to Peak, where the data is analysed by health & safety managers and/or site managers, who use it to manage or eliminate noise-related risks.   

Eave was founded by audiologist David Greenberg, in 2015 and received early-stage funding from and private investors.

Dr Greenberg said: “Noise-induced hearing loss is a huge problem – it’s the number one occupational disease in Europe and accounts for about a third of all work-related disease. It’s also extremely prevalent amongst construction workers. Our partnership with Pembroke VCT is incredibly exciting – because it will allow us to double down on our strategy of getting construction businesses to mandate active hearing protection with integrated noise monitoring across all their sites – and get us that bit closer to achieving our long-term goal of totally eliminating the loneliness and isolation caused by hearing loss.”

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