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Thu January 27 2022

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New drill rig targets ground investigation for road and rail

19 Oct 18 Van Elle subsidiary Strata Geotechnics has launched a new drilling system designed for ground investigation along linear road and rail projects.

The Vemog RRV drilling system is a self-contained specialist rotary drilling rig that has been designed to reduce mobilisation and set-up time to maximise production when operational hours are restricted, such as during rail possessions.

The articulation of the mast allows boreholes to be constructed off either side of the vehicle as well as off the rear. The mast and dual head are capable of both dynamic sampling and rotary drilling.

Strata Geotechnics director Andy Johnston said: “During the two-year design and development period we encountered numerous challenges, one being the mast articulation, but the major challenge was to satisfy the certification requirements for the Vemog to travel and operate on both road and rail. Geotechnical design engineers are demanding both sufficient and high-quality data to be supplied to them within a shorter time frame. Innovations such as the Vemog rig, together with investment in data acquisition systems, lead to better quality data and faster delivery.”

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